Instruction Guide

Follow these simple steps to get setup with your Layton Consulting FTP account. Once you have access, use it to transfer files to your Layton Consulting Representative.

Check out the video below for a step by step guide through this process.

Download/Print the Instructional PDF Document

Step 1

Contact Layton Consulting to Create Your Account

Touch base with your Layton Consulting Representative and ask them to create a secure account for you.

Please provide them with your frequently accessed e-mail address so you can receive your credentials when the representative is done!

Step 2

Check Your E-mail for Credentials

Once your Layton Consulting Representative has created your account, and it has been verified internally, you will receive an e-mail with your username, and password.

Step 3

Download & Install FileZilla

To connect to your secure FTP account, you will need to download an FTP client. If you're already familiar with FTP protocols, you can skip this step.

Layton Consulting recommends using the popular, and free FileZilla FTP client to upload your files on our server. Click here to download the FTP client, and follow this article to go through a step-by-step installation guide if you need one (all you really need to do is download the program and click next several times until you're done!)

Step 4

Sign into your Layton account with FileZilla

Once you have FileZilla installed, all you'll need is your username and password from the e-mail we sent you in Step 2 to log in.

  1. Open the FileZilla program
  2. On your screen, locate the following on the top-left corner of the screen:

  3. For Host, enter "", and for the username and password, use the ones we sent you in the e-mail previously.
  4. You're now signed into your account!
  5. The left part of the screen shows your computer, and the right part of the screen shows your directory on our secure server.

  6. To upload files to your Layton account, simply find them on your Local Hard Drive on the left, and then drag them to right:

  7. You will be able to see the progress of your upload at the bottom screen of the program:

  8. When it's complete, you'll be able to see them on the right hand screen. If they're there, you're done!

  9. Layton Consulting will now be able to see your files on the secure FTP account, and will download it for use.